Tamera Houghton Barrow

Dawn Hunter’s destiny is as foreign to her as the new country she inhabits. Life in America is dull and uneventful, but an unexpected trip to England provides her with mystery, adventure, and romance not only in discovering family secrets but also in fulfilling a magical prophecy. As she leaves her homeland, an old Dawn is left behind; but the journey that lies ahead lends itself to the Rise of a New Dawn.
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Cover Drawn by Julie Birch 
(Magical adventure and fantasy romance novels based in England)

Dawn glances at Zac and motions with her hand to indicate they will be backtracking through the trees. When they have gone a considerable distance, Dawn stops and begins to retrieve something from her side pouch. Zac stops at her side wondering what she is doing. As Dawn pulls Angus from her pouch, Zac begins to laugh.

“I wasn’t enough company for you, my dear?” Zac inquires.

“You are absolutely enough company,” Dawn replies, “You’re just not small enough.”
Dawn holds Angus in her left hand as she prepares her right hand to generate magical energy and begins to chant:

“Little Angus, you will be,
A lofty eagle with eyes to see,
What lies ahead for us to know,
The dangers wreaking down below.”

Magical energy bolts from her fingers into Angus, and he begins to transform into the lofty eagle Dawn has commanded. Once the transformation is complete, Dawn tosses Angus into the air. Both Dawn and Zac watch as Angus ascends into the air and begins to fly ahead. Dawn closes her eyes to see what Angus is seeing as he flies over the terrain. She can see treetops and sporadic patches of green grass. Suddenly, there are no longer any trees; just a clearing of green grass. As Angus soars across the clearing, Dawn can see more trees but smaller and much less dense. In the trees she sees the tops of what looks like wooden roofs; small bunkers forming a circle around a fire. There are some soldiers sitting around the fire, and some milling around the bunkers. They look as if they are preparing for something. Angus continues his journey towards the opposite side of the hedge. As he approaches the end, he displays the vision of a large, castle-like structure. Dawn suspects this is where the witch is. She has made herself a nice, large home over the past twenty-five years. 

Sensing he cannot go any further in that direction, Angus turns to travel parallel to the end of the hedge behind the castle. Dawn can see soldiers gathering weapons and making their way to the front of the structure. Before Angus reaches the other side of the hedge, he turns to make his way back to Dawn. He shows Dawn another campsite of soldiers on this side of the hedge. They are flashing swords and forming marching lines.  Dawn opens her eyes and sees Angus flying directly towards her. She holds up her arm for his perch.

“Undunosis,” she says as Angus turns back into her cute, little canary.