Tamera Houghton Barrow

Detective Archie Angellino was at the Hotel Limbus to find a missing person. Martin was looking for his sister, Olivia. With the help of the hotel concierge, the detective embarked on his investigation. He intensely interrogated every inhabitant of the hotel. Finding that no one seemed to know anything about Olivia, he discovered that each inhabitant had a very interesting but diverse story of their own. He prepared final reports on each of the people staying at the hotel and dealt with them separately; but in the end, Olivia wasn't missing at all.
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A mystery about a place for stranded souls  waiting to move on through their cycle of life -- The Gray area between Heaven and Earth!!  

Barry’s eyes were empty. He was mumbling something inaudible to Nancy. The more he mumbled, the tighter his hands were around her throat. She grasped his wrists with her hands in an attempt to lighten the pressure but to no avail. Within minutes, Nancy became light-headed and ultimately, unconscious.

Later, when she regained consciousness, she found herself in darkness. She could see small strands of light coming through what looked like wood slats above her head. She tried to adjust her eyes enough to see anything around her. She moved her hands back and forth in front of her to alert her of objects that would prevent her movement around the enclosure. At the same time, she moved each foot forward to find, at the very least, the side of the enclosure. Before long, her foot was stopped by something. She reached down to find a wooden step. She ran her hands across the entire step and then up to find another. Continuing upward, Nancy began a slow movement up the stairs until she reached the wooden slats. 

She pushed on the first slat, but it was secured tightly and would not budge. She moved to other slats to see if any of them were loose enough to provide an opening that she might escape. From slat to slat, Nancy was becoming more and more afraid she would be stuck in this dismal darkness. Her fears were put to rest when one of the slats closest to the edge of the steps was easily lifted and moved outward. She moved closer to the opening and wiggled her head through followed by the rest of her body. She sat on the next slat with her legs still on the steps. She looked around to see if there was anything familiar.